Quality Assurance


Quality: is key to the delivery of our service and we ensure that every aspect of our business is constantly reviewed and improved, from the customers first point of contact through to the final delivery of coated items.

MFA: As members of the MFA (Metal Finishers Association) we constantly strive to improve our coating methods, inspection procedures and aim to follow best practice.

Service First: We are also registered Akzo Nobel Service First associates which means we have been assessed to apply the Akzo Nobel range of coatings which includes the Interpon and Cromadex paints.

Quality Control: Is carried out on both the plant as well as the products. Thickness measurements are carried out hourly, degreasing solutions are checked daily, oven temperatures are checked monthly and product coating tests such as gloss levels, scratch testing are assessed regularly.

Staff: Our staff are our number one asset and as such we pay particular attention to issues such as health. Our facilities are equipped with high performance dust and particulate extraction systems which are regularly monitored by the local COSHH inspectorate.

Environmental: concerns are also high on our list. We have gone to great lengths to eliminate the use of solvents in our business as well as controlling particulate emissions to the atmosphere.

Maintenance: To ensure the minimum amount of downtime possible we maintain a comprehensive range of spares ranging from motors, pumps and compressors through to guns, hoses and track line.