Polyester Powder Coatings

Polyester Powder Coatings

Polyester powder coating is recommended for general exterior situations, where good weathering resistance is required. A specialised grade is available for architectural applications.


Mandrel bend BS3900 E1 Pass 2mm
Cross hatch adhesion BS3900 E6 No loss of adhesion
Impact resistance ASTM D2794 Pass 100 in/Ib
Scratch test BS3900 E2 Pass 4kg
Taber abrasion resistance   Excellent
Erichsen pencil hardness   H-3H depending on formulation type
Erichsen Indentation   7-9.5mm depending on formula type
Salt fog resistance ASTM B117 (500 hours) Maximum 2mm creep
Humidity resistance BS3900 F2 (500 hours)
No blistering
Exterior exposure (12 months)   Good colour and gloss retention
Good colour stability up to 130°C, or intermittent exposure up to 140°C, depending on formula type

Typical Uses:

Automotive Matt Black A range of matt black polyester powders specially formulated to meet the rigorous performance requirements of the automotive industry are available. Typical applications include exterior trim roof bars and windscreen wipers etc. The range includes standard, semi and full durability products, and TGIC & TGIC free systems. Approvals to numerous automotive specifications are held, details on request.

Hammer Finish Suitable for exterior use, this tough coating offers an attractive patterned finish capable of disguising substrate imperfections.