Powder Coating Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions:
A Guide To Powder Coating A Guide To Powder Coating

1) Can you powder coat over an existing powder coated surface?
Yes but this is not possible with stoved finishes.
2) How long does it take?
Our regular turn around is about 5 days but we offer an express service of 24 hours from reciept of items.
3) Can I bring an item in and collect it on the same day?
By special arrangement, items that are delivered by 8am can be collected by 4pm.
4) What colours?
We hold a broad spectrum of colours in stock, however we can purchase colours to order. Please look through our colour charts for an idea of what is available.
5) Maximum size?
Our track oven can handle items upto 3m x 1.5m x 0.75m.
Our box oven can handle items upto 7.5m x 2.3m x 1.8m.
6) How are jobs priced?
Jobs are priced on a mixture of size, quantity, condition of material, treatment, weight, thickness etc. the type of coating is also a significant factor.
7) What are your terms & conditions?
We use standard MFA terms.
8) What is the difference between coatings?
Polyester and polyurethane coatings are ideal for exterior use whilst epoxy and epoxy polyester are ideal for internal use with the latter in both cases offering greater mechanical wear resistance.
9) Whats the difference between powder coating and wet spray/stove enamelling?
Powder coating offers a more durable and uniform finish and is cheaper than wet paint and is a single coat application. It is more environmentally friendly than wet paint as it uses no solvents and offers powder recovery and recycling.
10) Do you do masking?
Yes, we can undertake most forms of masking. We do not however do duel finishing.
11) Do you coat small one off items such as bike frames, wheels, garden furniture and radiators?
Yes, we are always happy to carry out small jobs like these although mostly you will have to settle for a colour which we already hold in stock. However, we hold a vast range of colours and are sure that you will find something you like.
12) Do you do shot blasting and paint stripping?
These are not services which we carry out in house, however, if we are doing the powder coating we can arrange for these services to be undertaken.
13) Can you collect and deliver items?
Yes, we run a fleet of vehicles for collections and deliveries, a service for which there is a small charge.