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Epoxy polyester powder coatings are recommended for use in interior situations where toughness, chemical resistance, and good mechanical resistance properties are essential. Epoxy polyester powder coatings also offer good colour stability and excellent decorative appearance and are not impaired by exterior exposure, although chalking will occur progressively.


Mandrel bend BS3900 E1 Pass 6mm
Scratch BS3900 E2 Pass 4kg
Impact ASTM D2794 Pass 100 in/Ib
Adhesion BS3900 E6 No detachment
Humidity BS3900 F2 Pass 1000 hrs: no blistering
Salt Fog ASTM B117 Max. 2mm creep @ 500 hrs
Erichsen Indentation ASTM B117 6-8mm depending on formulation

Typical applications include:

Hammer Finish Suitable for interior use, this tough coating offers an attractive patterned finish capable of disguising substrate imperfections.